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Celebrating 10 Years!

  Happy Birthday to us! January 21, 2020 marks 10 years of Narrative Media. It’s been a great ride and we couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve produced with our clients and the team members who’ve helped us along the way. To everyone who’s been a part of this journey, we offer our sincerest thanks. Take a look back with us.

Planning on Producing Physician Profile videos? Here are 10 Tips to Get You Started

Producing a profile video for every physician on staff sounds like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. When we were hired to produce 500 profile videos we started the same way as we start any other project—by planning. This time…

How to Produce 500 Physician Video Profiles: Part 2 Post Production, Review, Moving Forward and What We’ve Learned

After 5 days of interviews, we wrapped the production portion of the profile videos and moved on to post production. Our first step was to collect the interviews conducted in alternate languages and send them off to a service for translation and transcription. We would then use the time-coded transcripts to navigate our editing process. After we cut together the draft profile videos, we asked the physicians and transcription service to ensure that they were accurate to the language.  

How to Produce 500 Physician Video Profiles: Part 1

Earlier this year, we began working with Cooper University Health Care to produce profile videos for each of their 500 physicians. Completing this project started in the same way as any of our other projects—planning. This time we just needed to do more of it.

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Rowan: Be Unstoppable

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Rowan University partnered with Narrative Media to produce a series of high energy videos showcasing a vibrant in-person, on-campus student experience that is available for incoming freshmen. These videos launch as accepted students are making their final decisions about where to attend college in the fall. Narrative Media wrote, produced, and directed 60, 30 and 15 second versions of the spots.

Residency Recruitment @Cooper

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"Everyone can't stop talking about the video," that was the reaction from the team at Cooper after the launch of this video.  As in-person events and visits continue to be difficult, many of our clients have asked us to produce virtual tours for their brands. In July, Cooper approached us to produce a short video highlighting their residency and fellowship programs. The Fall is traditionally the time when 4th year med students start touring residency programs, but again, all of that has gone virtual, so we helped Cooper put together this video to highlight their core beliefs, unique benefits to help prospective applicants a better feel for their program.

The Vascular Surgical Residency at Cooper

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Working with the vascular and endovascular surgical team at Cooper we produced this deep dive look into their residency program, shadowing residents as they performed surgical procedures, consulted with attendings and rounded on patient floors. These compelling visuals were coupled with interviews with the Program Directors, attending physicians, program graduates and residents to give a full picture of what potential applicants can expect throughout the five year integrated residency program.

Stroke Rehab for a Flyers Legend and NHL All-Star

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We had the opportunity to produce this spot with Philadelphia Flyers legend and NHL All-Star Brian Propp for Bancroft NeuroRehab. Brian suffered a massive stroke in September 2015. Brian’s positive attitude and commitment to his stroke rehabilitation put him back in the game, and back on the ice, just 18 months later.

A Maternity Virtual Tour During COVID-19

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"This is beautiful!" That was our client's reaction when we first showed them an early draft of this video.

When COVID-19 forced the end of labor and delivery tours, we jumped into action with Cooper University Healthcare to create this maternity virtual tour so that moms-to-be could get a feel for what to expect from their hospital stay as well as vital information such as how to get to the hospital, where to enter and parking.

Working alongside the team at Cooper, Narrative Media wrote the script for and produced this spot in the Summer of 2020. Shot in stunning 4k resolution and using a Canon C200 Camera outfitted with Canon Cine Prime lenses, it earned rave reviews from the Cooper team.

We couldn't be more pleased with the final product, and our client's response. 

NJPC: Be More in NJ

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Narrative Media produced this spot along with three additional 15 second spots for the New Jersey President's Council as part of the Learn More, Earn More, Be More in New Jersey Campaign.