Narrative Media’s Work Takes Center Stage on Three Massive Digital Displays at Cooper University Healthcare’s New Moorestown Campus

As Cooper University Healthcare mapped out the blueprint for their conversion of a former Sears Department Store into a 166,000-square-foot, three story, state of the art medical facility, they entrusted Narrative Media with a distinctive task. To produce a feature-length video showcase celebrating the scenic splendors of South Jersey.

This 2.5 hour immersive visual experience is now displayed on three massive twenty foot displays in the waiting space of Cooper’s new Moorestown campus, which employ the same advanced technology used in the “Sphere” in Las Vegas.

This immersive display is the result of a year-long collaboration between Narrative Media and the team at Cooper. We meticulously curated filming locations, partnered with local businesses, and showcased iconic landmarks during a months-long production process. Our creative vision took us to aquariums, historic farms, museums, spring cherry blossom displays, the pinelands, the oldest rodeo in America (yes it’s in South Jersey), and of course the shore. We’ve even had an opportunity to go out and film a few additional shots during the snowstorm this past January. 

The result? A breathtaking visual journey that promises an engaging and immersive experience for patients, their families, and casual onlookers alike. So if you find yourself at Cooper’s new Moorestown campus take a look, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to visit yet, here’s a short highlight reel to give you a little taste. 

Cooper Immersive Video Wall Display 2 Minute Demo

Installed Video Wall Demo