Stories in Care: An Oral History of Covid-19

Narrative Media Partnered with Cooper University HealthCare to produce an oral history project focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on health care providers. Our goal was to give them an opportunity to open up in a quiet setting and spark a conversation about the trauma of the pandemic and how it has affected their lives. What follows are the 11 episodes that comprise Season 1.

We're pleased to announce that Season 2 is set to launch in June 2021.

Episode 1: Bearing Witness

Dr. Emily Damuth and Dr. Jason Bartock reflect on high moments, and low moments of caring for patients during the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has affected them.

Episode 2: Caring for Colleagues

Drs. Bartock and Damuth discuss the fear and uncertainty that came as the first covid+ cases arrived and what that might mean for their health and the health of their colleagues.

Episode 3: Band Together

Dr. Damuth and Dr. Bartock continue their conversation about their experiences in the Covid-19 Pandemic. In this episode: the human side of helping and healing.

Episode 4: Home

In epsidoe 4 of our oral history of Covid-19, Critical Care Intensivists, Dr. Damuth and Dr. Bartock discuss how the pandemic and how the demands of the jobs impacted their family lives.

Episode 5: I Need Him to Know We Love Him

In this episode, we meet Adam G. Green, MD, MBA, a Critical Care Intensivist with Cooper University Health Care. Dr. Green talks about what visitation used to mean when interacting with a patient’s family and friends, and how much that changed due to visiting restrictions during the pandemic.

Episode 6: Put on Your Mask You Terrorist

In episode 6 of our oral history of Covid-19, Dr. Green reflects on an odd encounter during a morning early in the pandemic as well as the outpouring of support from the community in the region.

Episode 7: Who Do You Pick?

In episode 7 of our oral history of Covid-19, Nicole Caristo, RN reveals how she chose which staff members treated the first Covid-19 positive patients to arrive at the hospital.

Episode 8: My Covid Car

Nicole looks back on the steps she took to keep herself and her family safe at home.

Episode 9: I Just Hugged Her

Nicole Caristo, RN talks about the moments of loss, the moments of joy in the ICU and the balance between them. She also admits to giving an “illegal hug” to celebrate a patient’s recovery from Covid.

Episode 10: We can be There

Suhail Augusto, Critical Care Tech, discusses the responsibility she feels to comfort patients suffering from COVID in the ICU when their families can’t be there.

Episode 11: Don‘t Tell Me You’re Giving Up

In the final episode of Season 1 Suhail Augusto, Critical Care Tech, talks about the importance of not giving up and thanks her colleagues for being there for their patients, for her and for each other.

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