Love Your Work: A Recruitment Campaign for Bancroft

Bancroft asked us to help them develop a new employee recruitment tv and digital campaign. Our team knew we wanted to focus on the positive experiences of existing Bancroft employees and highlight the impact and the difference they make in the lives of the people that they work with every day. 

With that goal in mind, Narrative Media collaborated with Bancroft’s internal marketing team to identify staff, conduct pre-interviews, and develop messaging, interview questions and areas of focus for each staff member interview. 

To create a homey and inviting atmosphere for the finished ads, our styling team built a homey living room set, featuring the warm and inviting tones in Bancroft’s brand colors while also curating complimentary wardrobe options to ensure that the featured employees looked their best on camera. We even had different pillows to match different outfits! Finally, we reached out to our friends at Bud’s Studio to reserve a filming location. 

On the day of our shoot we were able to build our set, interview seven staff members and collect a number of stories that will be featured in new ads over the coming weeks and months. In the end we helped our client create a compelling pipeline of content showcasing the positive culture and meaningful work that potential employees can expect from a job at Bancroft.

Love Your Work: Jenn

Love Your Work: Mike

Love Your Work: Kemi

Love Your Work: The Villegas Sisters

Narrative Media Key Responsibilities:

  • Pre-Production:

    • Creative concept and message development
    • Pre-Interviews
    • Storyboarding, planning, direction
    • Set design and wardrobe
    • Talent selection
    • Crew selection
  • Production:

    • Directing
    • Filming (4k)
    • Crew coordination
    • Hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling
    • Set styling
    • Lighting and rigging
  • Post Production:

    • Editing – 30s & 15s TV & digital spots
    • Logo design direction
    • Motion graphics
    • Audio mixing
    • Color grading

Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Production

Take a look behind the scenes to see how much fun we had on set!

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