NJ Department of Children and Families: Children’s System of Care PSA

We were hired for this spot to help the client bring their vision to life. To bring awareness to children’s support services in the state of NJ, we worked with the client’s in-house director to help them create their script.government video production

Narrative Media provided support with all production services, including location scouting and selection, crew recommendations and hiring, lighting plan, shoot plan, equipment selection and acquisition, talent auditions and selection for both on-screen talent as well as voiceover talent (for both Spanish and English language versions of the ads).

After the shoot we also edited 15, 30 and 60 second English language and Spanish language versions of the ads.

non profit video productionAll projects have a unique scope of needs, whether comprehensive support is needed in order to manage an entire project, or just select portions of a project. No matter how big or small your project needs are, Narrative Media has the flexibility to meet you where you are and match your project requirements with specialized expertise.

Our ability to leverage an extensive network of professionals, merged with our creative passion for helping clients reach their goals, makes us the right fit for just about any type of project. Use the button below to partner with us today.

and here are some alternate versions

15-second English version

30-second Spanish version

Ready to bring your story to life?

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Narrative Media was hired by the New Jersey President’s Council (NJPC), a group of NJ college and university presidents, to help create messaging targeting New Jersey resident students with the aim of keeping them in-state and choosing to pursue their education in NJ. Read on to learn how we partnered with strategic firms to develop, test, and choose the most effective content.

The Rowan Opportunity Program TV Spot

This spot is a great example of what you can do with a solid b-roll library. We produced this ad completely from existing footage, meaning we didn't have to shoot anything new and didn't have to incur any additional expenses. Furthermore, we were able to turn it around on a short deadline. We wrote the script, secured the VoiceOver talent, created the spot and published it in just 4 days. This workflow efficiency is just one of the many benefits that a long term partnership with our team can bring. 

Case Study: Making Rowan University Unstoppable

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In the winter of 2020, Rowan University was planning for the coming Fall Academic Semester. Student applications had been sent in, acceptance letters were about to go out, and now the wait began. They needed students to accept and attend in the fall. But how could they encourage students to accept their offer in these uncertain times?   

Rowan: Be Unstoppable

Rowan University partnered with Narrative Media to produce a series of high energy videos showcasing a vibrant in-person, on-campus student experience that is available for incoming freshmen. These videos launch as accepted students are making their final decisions about where to attend college in the fall. Narrative Media wrote, produced, and directed 60, 30 and 15 second versions of the spots.

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In March of 2021 we worked with Rowan University to produce a series of videos for their Be Unstoppable campaign. Take a look behind the scenes of the production that included 23 locations, 92 student actors, 4 days of filming and 8 crew members to help make it all happen. 

NJPC: Be More in NJ

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USciences: Covid-19 Day of Giving

University of the Sciences asked us to produce this video to help raise money for their student emergency fund during Covid 19. Given the current quarantine we needed to produce the spot remotely. We recorded Emily's prepared remarks using a video conference app and screen recording software. We then filmed her video being played back on a laptop in various work from home environments. We've written up a pretty extensive behind the scenes blog post on the subject. You can view it here. USciences had a goal of raising $30,000 for their emergency fund, with the help of this video they were able to raise $80,000.

Producing Content from a (Social) Distance

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Our friends at University of the Sciences recently asked us to produce a video to help raise money for their student emergency fund. With our current quarantine status, we knew that we were going to have to take a different approach.   Update…