Moving Live In-Person Events to Video

When Bancroft had to cancel their annual charity ball due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Narrative Media was able to step in and integrate with their team to produce a professional and polished virtual event that recognized the award winners, donors, and staff they had planned to honor at the in-person event with great success.

Given the social distancing measures we needed to implement, we had to use a combination of in-person and remote production. Sending camera crews into group homes and senior living facilities just wasn’t an option. So we worked with Bancroft staff in these locations to help collect video clips of residents welcoming guests to the “event” as well as images of the Direct Support Professionals who have continued to care for the individuals they serve throughout the pandemic.

For the portions of the video where in-person production was still feasible, we conducted socially distanced shoots with minimal crew and appropriate safety measures. You can read more about the steps we took to remain safe here.

Prior to the pandemic Narrative Media had produced two videos honoring awardees that were to be shown at the in-person ball. We combined these existing segments with our new footage and edited everything together into a polished package that appropriately reflected the stature of the event and honored the participants involved. But don’t take our word for it.

“Wow! You made us look great! Fantastic job! You have been so wonderful to work with — thank you so much! We are so excited!”

-Susan Piergallini, Chief Development Officer, Bancroft

If your pre-pandemic 2020 plans included live events, Narrative Media can help you convert them into virtual events or even live streams or webinars. Don’t let your next live event look like a Zoom meeting, give it the professional production that it deserves.

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