How to Produce 500 Physician Video Profiles: Part 2 Post Production, Review, Moving Forward and What We’ve Learned

Post Production and Review:

After 5 days of interviews, we wrapped the production portion of the profile videos and moved on to post production.

This is the second part of a blog post on how we’re producing about 500 physician profile videos for Cooper University Health Care. Click here to read part 1 of this blog post.

Our first step was to collect the interviews conducted in alternate languages and send them off to a service for translation and transcription. We would then use the time-coded transcripts to navigate our editing process. After we cut together the draft profile videos, we asked the physicians and transcription service to ensure that they were accurate to the language.

While we waited for translated transcriptions to be completed, we began putting together the individual english language profile videos. We created a shared dropbox folder and sent draft copies for review to the team at Cooper. Once the draft was approved for content by the marketing team, we created a polished version of the video with cleaner audio, alternate camera angle selections and intro and closing graphics. This polished version was then submitted to the physicians for review. Once we received their approval, we made our final color corrections, sound adjustments and submitted a final version to the client. This version was then posted to the physician’s profile page and the appropriate social media channels.


An example of a completed profile video:


Moving Forward and What We’ve Learned:

We’re currently in the process of reviewing the individual profile videos from our first week-long interview session. So far we’ve been very happy with the end results and our client has expressed the same sentiment.

Recently, we began the process of planning the second week-long session of interviews and we’ve started to ask ourselves what we can improve upon. The simplest, and probably most effective improvement we can make, is to coach the physicians to deliver more concise answers. People in front of a camera often have the tendency to continue talking to a fill a silence. While it is possible to cut sections of dialogue out, it leads to a less efficient post-production process, and more cuts between the two camera angles. If we can get several concise answers from each physician, we can have a more efficient post production process with a more natural flow to the cuts we make in the final profiles.

So that about wraps it up. If we make any more dramatic changes to our process over the course of the project, I’ll be sure to post updates. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments, and if you’re interested in working with us, you can contact us here.

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