Communicating your re-opening strategy to your community

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Communicating Your Re-Opening

As we start to think about what our lives, businesses and institutions will look like on the other side of this pandemic, now is a good time to consider how we will communicate the steps we’ll be taking to keep our community safe when the time comes to re-open.

I recently came across this video from American Airlines that highlighted the steps they’re taking to maintain a safe environment. In sixty seconds, the video does an effective job of communicating their message, using both visuals and dialogue. 

When the time comes to ask our employees, customers, patients, students, faculty and other community members to return, it’s important to understand that many of them will be fearful. That’s why it’s so important to keep them informed about the steps being taken to keep them safe upon their return and what is expected of them when they return. 

Your organization may be taking steps to maintain social distancing in your workplace environment, such as switching all restrooms to single occupancy, implementing one-way traffic policies in hallways or instituting a mask policy. You can increase compliance with these new policies by communicating them to your community before they return. 

By incorporating video into your communications strategy, sharing it widely with your community and posting it prominently on your website, you can ensure that your message will be delivered consistently and effectively. 

No two organization’s re-openings will be the same. Narrative Media will work with your team to produce content tailored to your organization’s unique strategy. 

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